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Microfiction: Week 4

Author: the Panamerican, Date: 10/10/12, Description: Houston Rockets 2012, Link
"How the Rockets Lost Everything"
    It is now game 7 in the Rockets/Lakers series. The game is currently Laker's lead at 102-100. There is only time left for one possession. Rockets have the last possession and the Lakers have no fouls to give. The play is simple, pass the ball to either Russell Westbrook or James Harden, the best players on the team. 

    Westbrook dribbles the ball up the court. Westbrook's job is to split the defense by driving to the hoop, giving space for the three-point shooters. With the time running down, the ball makes it past the half-court line. 

    The crowd rises on their feet. These moments are the ones that are put in history. This shot will make or break the Houston Rocket's small ball experiment. 

    Without any hesitation, Westbrook decides to play hero ball and shoots the three. It completely airballs and the Lakers get the rebound. The game is over…

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